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  • Welcome to Little Human Scholars!

    Full Day Daycare, Preschool, Playschool and Nursery
    • Preschool / Kindergarten

      Our preschool and kindergarten classes in PJ cater to children ages five to six years old in a fun, interactive environment.

    • Nursery / Baby Programme

      Specifically created for babies aged 2 months to 1 1/2 years old, we ensure that your baby will be kept safe and provided a stimulating environment to explore and grow in!

    • Half Day / Full Day Daycare

      Providing additional services such as extended hours, we provide full-day and half-day daycare options where we focus on keeping your child happy, engaged and secure.

    • Extended Services & Additional Amenities

      We offer a variety of extended services at our centres located in the heart of PJ including, extended hours, meal plans, transportation services and more. Schedule a visit today!

  • Our aim is to support the development of your child through encouragement and compassion, so they can enjoy academic success in primary school.

    • Learning Through Play

      Whether you are looking for half or full day care for your child, we provide classes and enrichment activities throughout the whole day.

    • Health & Safety

      Daily health checks, room sanitisation and full time security guards ensure the safety of all the children enroled in Little Human Scholars.

    • CCTV Access for Parents

      Check in on your child throughout the day via our free phone app!
      This service is reserved for parents/guardians only.

    • Transportation

      Whether you live or work in Petaling Jaya, an additional service we offer is pick up and drop off before and after our centres open and/or close.

    • Meal Plans

      Our in-house chefs can create custom meal plans for your child while they are with us,
      saving you meal prep time in the mornings!

    • Our Pupils

      We are blessed to host children from many nationalities. This creates a diverse learning environment filled with different cultures from around the world!

    • Hours of Operation

      Being one of the few schools and childcare centres in PJ which offers extended hours for the benefit of our students and their parents, our doors are open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, Monday through Friday!

    • Thematic Activities

      At the start of each month, our centres host different thematic activities so our children can participate in a group learning, such as different cultures, holidays, and science topics such as outer space and under the sea!

  • Our Classes

    Our centres host four dedicated classes!
  • We provided four classes for children aged two months to six years old in Petaling Jaya!

  • Located conveniently in the heart of PJ, our centres are within a kilometre of each other and are near landmarks such as:

    PJ Old Town,  University Hospital,  Jalan Gasing,  IT Mall,  Jaya One,  Jaya33,  and PJ New Town!


    • Nursery / Baby Programme
      • 1 teacher per three babies.
        Baby to teacher ratio
    • Playschool 1
      • 1 teacher per six students.
        Student to teacher ratio
    • Playschool 2
      • 1 teacher per six students.
        Student to teacher ratio
    • Preschool / Kindergarten
      • 1 teacher per six students.
        Student to teacher ratio
  • See Our Kindergarten Photo Gallery!

    • A place I would recommend to all parents for it being very attentive and very transparent. Teachers are very dedicated and supportive, the childs interest and participation of parents is also taken into account and thats how it should be done.

      Kuhan Pathmanathan
    • Thank you LHS for the care and commitment that they gave to both my children. Teachers and assistants were gentle and attentive to each child’s needs. I love the hourly drop off service, transportation service and also the advantage of being able to view my children through their CCTV on my phone.

      Ee Leng Khaw
    • Thumbs up from me and hubby anytime. A great team with the biggest heart ever!

      Tina Ong-Eshaghpour
    • I once changed her kindergarten for another place that seemed cheaper and more convenient but my daughter fell sick at the other kindie EVERY WEEK! After a month, I pulled her out and rushed her back to LHS. They would make great efforts to ensure your child has a really good experience!

      Lia Alias
    • I love this school – always have and always will!

      Jana Moreno
    • LHS was my saving grace when I was looking for a suitable daycare for my then 2 year old and 7 mth old. Not many daycare take in infants and this was the perfect place for both my kids to be together. Everyone took pride in getting to know my kids, from the teachers to the kakaks. A fun place for kids to learn thru play, good daycare and kept clean at all times.

      Savitha Naidu
  • Contact Us

    Our postal address and contact details
    • Little Human Scholars 1 - Preschool

      No.1, Jalan Bukit 11/2,
      46200, Petaling Jaya.
      Office Tel : 03-79321107
      Mobile : 017-7303025

    • Little Human Scholars 2 - Playschool

      No. 10, Jalan 11/9,
      46200, Petaling Jaya.
      Office Tel : 03-79323107
      Mobile : 017-3300377

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: (603) 79323107

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      7:30 am – 7:30 pm
      Weekend Closed (unless child is enroled for hourly dropoff)