About Us

  • Premier Childcare Centre and School in PJ.

    Founded in 2014 out of love and passion for childhood development, Little Human Scholars is a one-stop child enrichment centre which supports children in their academic success!

    Offering wholesome and experiential learning techniques with IGCSE syllabus, children receive hands-on experience with kind and passionate teachers. The chief aim at Little Human Scholars is supporting children in their development. The team at the centre guides the children into successfully reaching each milestone all while having fun in a learn-through-play environment!

  • The Little Human Scholars' Teaching Technique

    Little Human Scholars school in PJ uses such a wide range of teaching techniques; every child is unique and requires a different learning style.  Activities will engage all the children in meaningful experiences which will be the foundations for:

    • reading and writing
    • problem solving
    • manipulating materials
    • speaking and listening
    • viewing and thinking
    • forming concepts and ideas about numbers.


  • Our Top Priority is Health & Safety.

    Children's health is of the utmost importance, and is a crucial foundation to ideal learning!

    Little Human Scholars, located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, goes to great lengths to ensure that the centres are cleaned and disinfected daily.  This includes all the toys, playthings, the desks and door handles throughout our facilities!  Additionally, every child and adult that walks through the doors must use hand sanitizer and are subject to screening from our full-time security guards!


    • IGCSE Syllabus

      While our curriculum is IGCSE certified and is taught in British English, we offer additional language classes outside school hours.

    • In-House Paediatrician

      Health and wellness is necessary for an optimal learning environment. We offer free quarterly check-ups at our headquarters for enroled students!

    • Continual Growth

      We started in 2014 with one centre, and are now expanding to our 3rd centre in the heart of PJ!

    • International Students

      The children and students enroled at LHS come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures which makes for dynamic and diverse classrooms!

    • Primary School Placement

      We cater our preschool and kindgergarten classes to each individual child and their respective needs so they can be successful & comfortable when they enter Primary School!

    • Student-to-Teacher Ratio

      Because we focus on the needs of each individual student, we keep the teacher-to-student ratio small so each child receives the one-to-one attention they deserve.