• Extended Hours Daycare Centre

      At Little Human Scholars premiere daycare centre in PJ, we offer extended hours to working parents! We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am – 7:30 pm!

    • Snack & Meal Times

      Whether you pack your child’s lunch or want to enrol in one of our customisable meal plans, we support parents by prepping and cooking healthy meals for their children!

    • OutDoor Playtime

      We believe children learn best and retain more information when they are having fun. As such, we encourage outdoor playtime (so long as weather permits) with their friends and peers!

  • Daycare

    Half Day and Full Day Care for Your Child

    At Little Human Scholars we provide a stimulating and wholesome learning environment that caters to the needs and interests of children whether they are in playschool, pre-school, kindergarten or daycare. We provide full-day and half-day daycare options for children aged 2 months old up to 6 years old where we focus on keeping your child happy, engaged and secure.

    At our centres located in Petaling Jaya, we understand parents have needs beyond what a traditional daycare centre offers, which is why we have extended daycare hours for children and students enroled.  From 7:30 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Friday, our doors are open to parents and their children!

    Our Daycare schedule includes the following activities: 

    • Nap Time                                                  
    • Educational Videos
    • Free Play                                                  
    • Music
    • Fun with Nursery Rhymes                  
    • Playground
    • Fun with ABC / Flash Cards                  
    • Puzzles
    • Story Time                                                
    • Outdoor Games
    • Educational Game Time
  • To find out more about our half day and full day daycare and their respective prices, click here to schedule an appointment and view one of our centres in the heart of PJ.  We are located within close proximity to University Hospital, Jaya One, Jaya 33, Jalan Gasing, PJ Old Town, PJ New Town and Digital Mall.