Hourly Drop Off

    • Childcare Anytime

      With our hourly drop-off option, a trained teacher/nanny at LHS can watch your child – even after working hours or on the weekends! Give us a few days notice and we will ensure your child is taken care of!

    • Active Engagement

      Just because you need a babysitter or nanny for a few hours on the weekend doesn’t mean your child is going to sit in front of the T.V. the whole time – we take pride in engaging children with a playful learning environment!

    • CCTV Access

      While your child is enjoying playtime with an educational facilitator, you can still check in on them via our mobile app! Other services such as meal preparation and transportation services can still be enjoyed!

  • Childcare In PJ When You Need It!

    Why Spend on a Nanny or Babysitter When You Can Have Trained Professionals, a Safe Setting and an Interactive Environment For Your Child?

    An additional service we offer, hourly drop off was created by Little Human Scholars school in PJ with children and their parents in mind.

    This service allows parents to drop off their child/children anytime during the week or the weekend (weekend by appointment only) for incredibly low fees.  This is especially helpful during the school holidays when parents simply cannot get away from work, or if parents have errands to run and they need a reliable, safe and fun place for their children to be entertained.

    During hourly drop off the children are exposed to a variety of activities with trained and passionate teachers.  Your child will easily busy themselves with the latest video games, an outdoor playground, movie time and age-appropriate play zones that will keep your child more than happy while you sneak away for a few hours.  A balance of teacher-organized and child-initiated activities are also our way of ensuring your child is allowed to choose how he/she wants to experience our play programs. Needless to say, your child’s hours with us will certainly be well-spent.

    Little Human Scholars centre is fully equipped to offer a safe and entertaining place for kids. Security is a priority with controlled access at the main entrance and video surveillance throughout the centres and the grounds.


    To find out more about hourly drop off and our price list, click here to schedule an appointment and view one of our centres in the heart of PJ.  We are located within close proximity to University Hospital, Jaya One, Jaya 33, Jalan Gasing, PJ Old Town, PJ New Town and Digital Mall.