Malaysian Schooling Trends Amidst Third Wave of Covid-19


Malaysian schooling trends have changed considerably since the outbreak of Covid-19.  With coronavirus cases climbing into the triple digits in Malaysia, many parents and schools are being put under pressure again.  Sure, a majority of the cases are in Sabah, but we all know how quickly this virus spreads.  With Coronavirus on the rise again, many parents are opting for online schooling for their children.


There was an informal poll conducted in a Facebook group comprised of Malaysian parents of primary school students this past week.  The poll revealed that many parents (1,304 to be exact) voted for schools to be closed, while only 251 of them voted to open schools.


As such, many parents have decided to keep their children at home as a third wave grips the nation, resorting to teaching them at home or allowing them to self-study.  While many parents feel children aren’t receiving the attention they need educationally, the need to socially-distance and keep ourselves and others safe seems to have overridden our desire to give our children the best education.


School Trends Amidst Covid-19

Some schools have gone back to offering online classes only.  Remote teaching and learning has taken the mainstage with many educational facilities, but with that comes new problems and challenges.


For example, many teachers face the difficult task of ensuring their students are not left behind academically while they are homeschooling.  It has become more and more difficult to ensure the students finish the syllabus, stay safe and healthy from the virus, and stay engaged in their online curriculum.


Teachers and facilitators are having to get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to teaching.  Holding the students’ attention and minimising distractions have become increasingly difficult.


Keep in mind, districts with more than 40 confirmed coronavirus cases warrants a district-wide shut down.


Though Covid-19 has changed the way we work and live, it has also created new virtual educational markets, products and services.  Now there are several apps and software available to meet the demands of our changing work and life environment.  More and more schools are leaning towards advanced learning management systems and less on the brick-and-mortar many of us are used to.


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