Preschool and Kindergarten

    • Readying Your Child for Primary!

      Having a firm foundation to start school is imperative for your child’s confidence and academic success. We at LHS do that – if you have a primary school in mind, we can prepare them for that school’s curriculum!

    • Teaching Students Responsibility

      Where many schools separate the classes, we encourage our preschoolers and kindergarteners to support their younger counterparts by being responsible leaders! Here, your child will learn social responsibility starting with their peers!

    • One-to-One Teacher Support

      Because each kindergarten and preschool class has a small student-to-teacher ratio, each child gets the needed one-to-one support they need to support them academically! The maximum amount of classmates in our classes is eight children to one teacher!

  • Premiere Preschool & Kindergarten in PJ

    Teaching children personal and social responsibility while simultaneously preparing them for primary school!

    Preschool and kindergarten is an interesting transition in the world of a child, for this is the age where they begin learning personal responsibility.  More structured than playschool, Little Human Scholars provides preschool and kindergarten classes which ready children for their first formal year of education.  Having been prepared via our school, your child will confidently adapt well to standard one and would have experience studying and with homework completion.

    Our preschool and kindergarten class caters to children aged five to six years old.  While play is an important part of the learning process, we use a more methodical approach with our students in these classes.  Before they enter the class they would have a firm foundation in understanding phonetics and would know all the letters of the alphabet.

    Our preschool and kindergarten teachers are experienced, well-trained and passionate about supporting children learn and grow.  With a small teacher to student ratio, we guarantee students will learn in groups as well as personal one-to-one time with our instructors.

    During our preschool and kindergarten class, students will learn

    • Reading                                                                      
    • General Education
    • Writing (sentences and paragraphs)                
    • Science
    • Comprehension                                                      
    • Maths
    • Numeracy                                                                
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Thematic Project ( a monthly themed project the whole school participates in)
  • To find out more about our preschool and kindergarten classes and their respective prices, click here to schedule an appointment and view one of our centres in the heart of PJ.  We are located within close proximity to University Hospital, Jalan Gasing, PJ Old Town, PJ New Town, Jaya One, Jaya 33 and Digital Mall