Tips to Help My Child Be More Social

Some children are more sociable than others.  This is not a character flaw, but more of your child developing his or her own personality.  Sometimes they are very social as a toddler and grow up to be more introverted, or it could be the other way around.  The thing is, as a parent, nobody wants to see their child left out of the play circle.
One of the more recent experiences that’s come up with some friends of mine is that they compare their child’s social-emotional development to that of other children. In other words, their child tends to shy away from other children in their general age group. Seeking outside opinions and counsel from professionals and friends alike, they have been told all the same conventional things such as, “Every child develops differently; your child will make friends one day,” to “Maybe your child is a late bloomer,” and even the old, “It is a phase and they will outgrow it.” But it is one thing to be told to calm down and another thing to actually calm down. It honestly isn’t easy for my friends (or any parent for that matter) to watch other children have gobs of friends while their own child is left out, or isolated from the group.
So in an attempt to soothe the fear and support parents everywhere, we have come up with a few tips on how you can help your child make friends.

How to Support Your Child in Being More Social

As stated before, each child is unique and have different personalities.  All you need to do as a parent is respect how they are without trying to “change” them too much.  You can nudge them in a more social direction as long as your child isn’t too uncomfortable.

  1. Teach empathy.  There are so many videos and shows out there today that display kind behaviour.  Play games with your child such as “does this man look happy or sad” and go over why they think he feels that way.
  2. Teach personal space.  Sometimes we need space.  Our children need space, their friends need space and mommies and daddies definitely need a little space.  Teach this to your child so they know when it is appropriate to play with others and play with themselves.
  3. Teach about bullying.  Ask your child LOTS of questions especially when it comes to their behaviour – “is this a kind behaviour or a mean behaviour?”  “Is this a nice statement or a mean statement?”  The questions also help them in grasping important concepts and in thinking for themselves.
  4. Teach about taking turns and the importance of sharing.  If you share with your child, they will learn to share with others.  Naturally, as they development the concept of “self” they may start being possessive, but if you are patient and explain to them what sharing is, they may eventually take it on as a behaviour.
  5. Applaud your child when they display appropriate behaviour.  As parents, we need to make a BIG deal out of GOOD behaviour.  While many of us are quick to get onto our children for naughty behaviour, it is good to applaud when they are doing something right – such as sharing their toys with friends.
  6. Teach your child that people are important.  People are a huge part of our daily lives whether we want to admit it or not.  Treating everyone with respect will definitely help your child in the long-run make and keep friends!
  7. Teach your child that if someone is being rude, how to respond to their behaviour instead of reacting to it.  If someone is rude to you, do you yell at them or curse them or do you brush it off?  Whatever you do your child may mirror, so be the example you want to see in them!
  8. Most importantly, treat your child as you want him/her to treat others.  If you want your child to be more social, as their parent it is up to you to demonstrate this behaviour.
  9. Have more play dates with peers in the same age bracket.  Tell your child in advance that so-and-so is coming over to play – a little something to look forward to never hurt anyone!

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Jana Moreno